Building Muscles With The Body Beast Workout Routine

The Body Beast Workout Routine consists of three phases with twelve workouts. Each workout focuses on a certain body part. Listed below are the three phases and workouts in the Body Beast Workout Routine and the time required for each workout:

Phase One: Build

•Legs: 38 minutes
•Chest or Triceps: 49 minutes
•Back or Biceps: 50 minutes
•Shoulders: 38 minutes

Phase Two: Bulk

•Chest: 30 minutes
•Legs: 41 minutes
•Back: 29 minutes
•Arms: 35 minutes
•Shoulders: 35 minutes

Phase Three: Beast

After completing the first two phases, you will go through the Beast Phase of the workout program. For more phases you can use this link. In this phase, you will combine the workouts you did on the first two phases and there will be three additional workouts:

•Abs: 10 minutes
•Cardio: 38 minutes
•Whole Body: 38 minutes

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More about Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon

Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon


Being the founders of Beachbody LLC, Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon have strived over the years to provide their clients with health and fitness programs. This has been provided through DVDs and other forms of informatics including commercials.
Otherwise referred to as “the Beachbody Approach”, the two have in place an in-home fitness program. This has been tailored with intent of overcoming the health crisis arising from modern living trends. Obesity is the health problem featured in this creation where it has been identified as a leading health problem. It has also been identified as a leading hindrance in management of chronic illnesses

Carl Daikeler

Carl-Daikler-and-John-CongdonHe is the chairman and the chief executive officer of “beachbody” LLC. He teamed with the company’s co-founder Jon Congdon in 1998 to establish the fitness program. He brought in to the industry a wealth of experience and expertise that has been the key drivers of their products. This is from his 23 years of experience as a marketer of products that has the potential to deliver actual results.
In 2007, he established his first multi-level marketing company whose main focus was to offer a holistic approach to weight loss and fitness. This was to be done through a three step approach that includes staying active, improving nutrition and sharing the experience with the people around you.

Jon Congdon

He is the president of beachbody LLC and a co-founder. He is the force behind shaping of the company’s mission and as well conducting and enhancing its growth. Jon started his career at Procter and Gamble and later went into science teaching for three years. He started an education consulting firm in 1995 before joining marketing in 1996. It was at this juncture that he met Carl after teaming with Guthy-Recker an informatics marketer. Among his achievements is being a board member various boards and committees.

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Providing A Bowflex Treadclimber Review

If you are looking for an affordable equipment that will not take too much of your space you should look more into investing into the Bowflex Treadclimber. This is something that is great for people who are wanting to tone their body. If you are happy with your weight, but just want everything to settle and not flop around this is perfect for you. It has many different functions within it to help you out and there are so many videos online to teach you how to use it.

Right users61Pa5ubqeEL._SL1027_

Bowflex Treadclimber from is great for people who are not crazy about working out, but want to stay healthy and fit to keep them energized and healthy. This is something that you can easily put in your basement or spare room to enjoy. It is perfect for those who are wanting to give themselves a little bit of an extra push and are wanting to enjoy their workout, while meeting all of the goals they have set for them to reach by a certain time.


Therefore, if you are someone who is wanting to tone their body and does not want to pay for a monthly membership at the gym instead you should make a one time investment in Bowflex Treadclimber. This is something that will help you tone different parts of your body. It has different functions depending on what exact part of your body you are trying to tone. This is perfect because the machine and manual will guide you, so if you are a learner in fitness you do not have to worry as it is easy to use and you will not get confused as they will lay everything out for you.

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All About Hormonal Acne

There are a number of medications available in the market today for inhibiting the production of androgen. This hormone is responsible for activity of sebaceous glands that secrete skin oil. These medications stop the production of this hormone and stop body from producing excessive skin oil.

untitledMental stress

As far as the other causes of this form of acne is concerned, mental stress also plays a big role in inducing this form of acne. Therefore, if you are suffering from hormonal acne, you should focus on adopting various stress reduction measures in your life. For instance, you may meditate and exercise on a regular basis.

Adequate sleep

Also, you should always try to get adequate sleep and use temper management techniques to keep the stress hormones under control. Obesity is also known as one of the biggest causes of this acne. Excessive weight results in conversion of estrogen in the body to androgen. As mentioned above, higher amount of androgen leads to higher production of skin oil that leads to acne breakouts.

Sierra Exif JPEG


Therefore, if you are overweight, you may be able to keep your sebaceous glands in check by reducing your weight.

Skin hygiene

Skin hygiene may also sometimes lead to acne though a direct relationship between bad hygiene and this form of acne does not exist. However, using products that reduce oiliness of skin and keeps the skin pores open can reduce the risk of acne breakouts.

Also, you should focus on reducing excessive dirt and skin oil on the skin by keeping fingers off the face, taking a shower after workouts, washing pillow frequently and wearing breathable clothes. Overall, it is not difficult to keep hormonal acne breakouts in check provided you take proper precautions and follow proper skin hygiene.

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21 Day Beach Body – Diet Guidelines To Get In Shape

Summer is fast approaching, and you might be planning to take your friends and families to various beach trips. There’s truly nothing more relaxing than going to a tropical beach getaway to enjoy your summer vacation. However, going to the beach means you’re expected to wear your precious bikinis and swimsuits. You might want to improve your body’s shape before wearing them. Here are some guidelines that you can follow for you to get in shape and achieve a beach body in just 21 days:

Proper Diet

b39ca392cba9b74c0948f24aebe38a11It’s a must for everyone who wants to lose weight. People usually have the perception that having a proper diet would be the instant solution to get your body into shape. More information find here: Unfortunately, this is not the case. A Proper diet is essential for you to lose weight, but this alone would not give you fast results. Proper diet does not mean that you should deprive yourself of eating anything. It’s about eating healthier foods and being conscious on how each food that you take would affect your body.

Determine the amount of weight that you want to lose

Setting a realistic goal will motivate you to work for the body that you’re eyeing for. As long as your goal is realistic, you might find out that you still have some leeway to eat your favorite cake or a scoop of ice cream if you’re losing weight at a pace that’s more than what you expected. I highly advise that you divide the amount of weight that you need to lose into a weekly basis.

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Benefits Of Buying Testosterone

Our body requires so many different things in order to function properly even if we end up missing one of those things it can mess up the routine of our body, which usually does not set so well. For instance, if you end up eating something wrong, it ends up having a direct effect on your digestive system, which then can lead to acidity. As you can see everything within our body is connected in one way or another, which is why it becomes very important that we are doing everything we can to make sure our bodies can function properly.


testosteronTestosterone is like many other things that a lot of times our body tends to run short on. This is nothing to feel ashamed about as there are so many people all over the world who are dealing with this. Thankfully, there is something that you can do about this. The easiest way to fix this little issue is by purchasing testosterone. This may sound a little crazy, but it actually has so many benefits to it. It is wiser to purchase it rather than running short on it and giving your body issues in the long run.

Being angry

Some of the known benefits of buying testosterone are that it makes a person more calm. If you are having panic attacks lately and are not able to sleep at night this may be cause you do not have enough of it in your body. If you do not have enough it can throw off your daily functions, which means that your hormones tend to go all over the place. This means that you start to get more mad easily and that being angry all the time becomes a part of your life, which really is something that is not fun.

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Wearing a lumbar support belt can really make a difference for you

Do you often suffer from lower back pain? If you tend to sit all day or have to perform repetitive actions at work, wearing a lumbar support belt could be the answer to your problems. These support belts are designed to improve your posture while providing you with the support you need.

Wearing a support beltlumbar-support-belt-adult-semi-rigid-74844-144913

It will not limit your movements. These belts are very comfortable and actually make bending over and lifting things a lot easier by providing your back with the support it needs. You might find that your range of movement actually increases if back pain has been limiting you.


The lumbar is the entire area between the diaphragm and the pelvic area. This area comes under a lot of pressure whenever you bend over to lift something heavy or whenever you perform repetitive movements that involve moving your midsection. It is also possible to develop pain in your lower spine if you sit for long hours without adopting a good posture or without having the benefit of a comfortable chair that properly supports your back.

back-support-beltProper alignment of spine

A lumbar support belt helps keep the lower portion of your spine properly aligned. This could prevent a condition such as scoliosis from appearing if you have a bad posture. Wearing the belt will naturally correct your posture whenever you are sitting and prevent lower back pain.

Final words on the matter

Wearing a lumbar support belt could do wonders for your back pain, but you might have to take additional steps from Avoiding the activities that trigger back pain and working on your posture might also be necessary. You should meet with a doctor to have your back examined before you start wearing a support belt. Take the time to learn more about the different types of support belts offered so that you can select a product that is a good match for the type of back pain you suffer from and for your usual activities.

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Kill Toe And Foot Fungus Effectively

ZetaClear-Curing-Nail-FungusAlso known as onychomycosis, toenail fungus is a very common problem that impacts people of all ages and backgrounds. The symptoms that arise will often include yellowing, swelling, inflammation, crumbling or thickening of the nail and more. For a lot of people dealing with toenail or foot fungus, this is a condition that is usually not painful, unless the infection that is present starts to spread. In order to stop this condition in its tracks, it is best to find out some of the best ways to effectively kill toe and foot fungus.


There are certain conditions where toe and foot fungus will thrive. Whenever the patient has a weakened immune system, there are abnormal skin pH levels or there happens to be exposure to moisture for prolonged periods, the fungus has a field day. For example, if your feet are stuck in sweaty socks and shoes for hours a day, the chances are very good that you will start to develop fungus. There are also people who are diagnosed with diabetes or happen to have poor hygiene that are prone to the development of toe and foot fungus.

toe-nail-fungusTake care of your feet and toes

If a person leaves their foot and toenail issues untreated, it can start to lead to cracking as well as splitting or the complete loss of the toenail itself. When you want to take care of your feet and toes to eliminate or keep fungus away, there are a number of natural remedies that you can do at home that are known for being very effective. As a matter of fact, you may even have some of the necessary items in your home already.

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Composition of human head, key symbol and fractal design elements on the subject of encryption, security, digital communications, science and technology

Subliminal 360 – How It Can Help You Starting Today

Product-ImageHave you ever heard of the program, called Subliminal 360? It is the latest and greatest software for subconscious mind training. If you have ever heard rumors of how it is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind, which in turn helps you program your conscious mind in the choices that you make throughout the day, this is definitely a real technology. It has been used successfully for decades, and with the latest advancements in computers and science, it has been perfected to a large degree, ensuring that people that want to change their lives in some way will be able to do so very easily. Here is a quick overview of what Subliminal 360 can do for you, and how you can get started today.

What You Should Know About Subliminal 360

The first thing that you should know about this program is that it uses a simple philosophy. It all begins with the subconscious mind. The subconscious is simply the inner workings of your mind, that which functions apart from your perception of waking reality, seemingly a conglomeration of everything that we have learned over the course of our lives. It is from where we get dreams, intuition, and inspiration for the things that we do and that we create.

sub360_freebiesWay to subdue bad habits

Fortunately, there is a way to subdue bad habits that we have created over the years, changing them into something new and fresh, routines that can make our lives much better. It does so by using a type of flash technology that can show up to 4000 images during an hour. You will never know that you are watching any of these images, unlike the old movie theater projections were, you would see images that would be taped in, causing you to wonder if you had seen something unusual.

Digital technology

This is using digital technology, not movies, and it can also be used to help reprogram your conscious mind. So if you’re thinking about changing your behavior, or augmenting the behavior of someone that you love, this is technology that you need to take advantage of.


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Review Of White Kidney Bean Extract

Benefits-of-Pure-White-Kidney-Bean-Extract (1)Obesity is one of the biggest avoidable health issues that affect millions of people today. Being overweight is not only bad for your self-esteem but it also leads to several harmful diseases over the years. This is the reason that people are always looking for effective weight loss solutions that allow them to lose weight without putting in too much time and effort. It’s not that people are not willing to lose weight but today’s busy lifestyle does not allow them to spend too much time in the gym.

Weight-loss products

Over the years, a number of weight-loss products have been launched in the market by many companies. One of the more popular weight loss supplements is the white kidney bean extract. There are a number of white kidney bean extract reviews posted all over the Internet and many people have found this extract to be highly effective in helping them by accelerating their weight loss goal.

Carb controller

71Uq4J7vQwL._SY355_ (1)It is important to keep in mind that this is a supplement that works as a carb controller. It allows you to lose weight at a faster rate without too much effort. This supplement is made in USA and a single bottle of this product comes with 60 capsules that are good for a month. Another advantage of this product is that all the ingredients in this product are completely natural and none of the users has reported any side effects of this supplement.

FDA approved facility

The official manufacturer of this extract makes this in an FDA approved facility which means that the product is completely safe. There are number of similar sounding products available in the market but this particular product is unique as it contains a patented formula for extracting the active ingredient from pure white kidney beans. This patented formula has been clinically approved and research has been conducted to study the effect of this formula for more than 10 years.


This formula works by lowering the absorption rate of sugar or carbs into the bloodstream. In other words, when you take this supplement, your body won’t convert most of the carbs into useful sugar which means that you won’t gain extra weight when you eat more food. This extract inhibits the action of a certain enzyme that is responsible for converting sugar into fat. When you take this supplement, you can eat as much as you want without gaining any extra weight.

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